Hello! Bonjour! Jambo! Hola! Guten Tag! 

I really appreciate you having taken the time to learn a bit about me, and of my ambitions.

I am native to Madison, Wisconsin; and of mixed race of Anglo-Saxon, Mississippi Choctaw, and Cherokee tribes. I mention my racial and ethnic heritage, because acknowledging my roots allows for me to better understand the way that I have found my place within this world.

I believe it is only through a true understanding of one's own nature, and of  fundamental core values that allows for a successful journey through life.

As a Christ follower and believer, I align my artistic endeavors and my daily ambitions to that of which I am called upon to pursue.


I am grateful for my Bachelor of Arts education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008) in the concentration of Theatre & Drama studies; for the taste of perseverance that it gave me, to continue pursuing my passions, amidst many trials and challenges that will always come along the way. 

Along with incredible support from family and community, following Jesus has taught me to remain true to myself, as the world is filled with false prophets quick to try to veer me off course; to be focused upon competition for goods and favor.


My ambitions thrive in walking in truth and hopefulness, and helping others do the same.

I hope for you a lovely journey along a loving and well-supported path of your own.

And remember-YOU ARE LOVED!


Most Sincerely,