Me Wish For Change.jpg

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to view my art, as it in some ways reflects who I am. Above all else, I am a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ, called to live out my life in pursuit of helping to bring Christ's values and love to others in this world so that others may know him and also devote their lives to him.

I sigh. Though the task has been, and is great, I have much to be grateful for, and am alive and thankful today only by the grace of God who has given me strength to move through the daily challenges that this life is plentiful of.

It is my hope that in knowing you, I may be obedient in bringing Christ's light into your life, and that you may be moved to ask him into your heart and experience to grow in his love and light.

Life is hard, but it doesn't have to much.

I thank each and every staff and board member of community organizations who have helped me put the puzzle of my life together; I thank my family and friends; I thank all of my past, present, and future coworkers who bring a new perspective to my life; I thank all of the government officials who have helped to create a more equitable and manageable community, while also creating a system of accountability; I thank local pastors and leaders of the Christian faith to help inspire light into the darkness of this world; and most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for renewing my purpose in life. 


A lovely day to you, and a lovely journey in the pursuits that you are called to live out.