Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my hope in contributing to this world of my God-given abilities and passions.  

A native to Madison, Wisconsin, I have spent time on all sides of town, and have witnessed a desperate need for love and support within each community. I believe it is only through a true understanding of one's own nature, and of one's own fundamental core values that allows for a clearly focused direction for a peaceful and loving purpose within the world. 


As a Christ follower and believer, I align my artistic endeavors and my daily ambitions to that of what the Lord leads me to pursue. I am grateful for my Bachelor of Arts education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008) in the concentration of Theatre & Drama studies, which provided for me a taste of the importance of an authentic dedication and perseverance to reach my degree, amidst many trials and challenges that accompanied me along that journey.

Along with incredible support from family and community, the Lord my God has seen me through many-a-trying time, landing me in a place of gratitude and yearning to now continue staying strong of mind and of spirit, and encouraging others to do the same.

My belief is that each of us offers a unique perspective and gift to our community, and my gift is expressed through service of helping people develop and express themselves through art and writing in a healthy, healing, and loving way.


Compelled to encourage positive outlets for one's self-perception and self-expression, my artistic approach allows for the reshaping of old/unhealthy habits of thinking and behaving by offering a unique perspective upon the idea and definition of 'art' in and of itself. It is my understanding that each person is a unique creation of art according to God's own image, and is, rightfully, beautiful.


Each of us has a story to share with the world, and my story is best shared through a rewriting of my mental wiring through both biographical and autobiographical, uplifting stories shared in third person, which allows for me to view my life in a new light free of self-judgement and criticism. I hope to help others craft a more positive and healthy outlook of themselves through their own written stories, paired with art that is complimentary to the overall mood of their story they wish to share.

I love to witness a person's joyfulness from creating a piece of art that truly speaks to his and her own artistic heart's expression. I look forward to meeting you and sharing in ideas for a faith-based, healing approach towards a new venture forward!

With Appreciation and Love,