Photo: Paulius Musteikis

Photo: John Hart

I have always been compelled to help others. I have learned that I must first love and nurture myself in order that I may be of service to others. This truth has so graciously exposed itself to me through my art which I’ve learned has always been a communication tool for me to educate myself, as well as others of the power of a positive vision.  As art is an evocative form of expression, I have learned to be very careful to place my focus upon expressing positive messages with mine in order to create a space for one’s positive growth and development upon viewing it.  When I create a piece of art, I always remind myself that I am putting it out there to be a vessel of love and encouragement to others, always hoping to inspire them to stay focused upon self-love and self-respect, as well as of love and respect for others while allowing for the piece to help shape their streams of consciousness.  My hope is that each person who views my artwork is moved to a positive shift in thought, allowing for a greater sense of self-awareness and asserting a positive role within a community.


I am available for commissioned murals, collage, and house painting. I look forward to bringing a new visual appreciation of life to your space! With Love, Keysha

Photo: Paulius Musteikis